35 weeks and holding...

I just returned from the doctor this morning to learn that I'm still only 1cm dialated and 50 - 70% effaced. This is good news. I'm also happy to report that the ultrasound showed the girls to be roughly 6lb 6oz (Baby A) and 5lb 12oz (Baby B). Also great news.

They continue to measure two weeks ahead in size and the doctor says I can feel good about going into labor at any time.

I would still like to make it to at least 36 weeks - because my crazy A-type brain had that goal in mind from the beginning. Also, I know that the longer they are in there the more confident we can feel that their lungs are properly developed.

The best news I received today is that I don't need to stay on bed rest! Two weeks of that was quite enough for me, thank you. Not that I'm going to go jog on the Monon Trail this afternoon or anything. It just means that I don't have to run for the couch and a big glass of water every time I feel a contraction.

On another topic, Andy is still doing very well at his new job with the Colts. If you were not aware of his new venture, he is now the digital media designer for the Colts and does most of his work creating graphics for their website (if you've not visited the site, check it out and save it as one of your Favorites!) (www.Colts.com).

We'd like to believe that his amazing graphics work played a small part in the Colts victory over the Giants last night! Go Horse!

He's having a great time and enjoys working the home games, where he is able to be in the locker room and on the field running video for pre-game footage and then sits in the press box updating stats on the website during the game.

That's the latest from the Keller house. Maybe our next post will be the BIG announcement! Fingers crossed!

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Emily said...

Still lookin' big and beautiful...thanks so much for the update! Keep the post comming, I love em! You look great!