"Expecting" the unexpected

The day before Thanksgiving, I got the most unexpected news. It came in the form of two lines beaming from the pregnancy test I had just taken. Since pregnancy was not something Andy and I were "working" towards - this was easily the biggest surprise of my life.

Many of you know Andy and my struggle with infertility and our long journey to conceive our baby girls through in vitro fertilization. Getting pregnant on our own was not something I thought was possible, especially not as a surprise. But, I guess this means we serve a BIG God. One who knows what he's doing, even when we don't.

I went to the doctor last week and learned that I was already 9 weeks along. We're expecting just ONE baby (thank you, God!), who is due July 18, 2008.

Andy and I have always dreamed of a big family. We had no idea how we were going to achieve this dream, other than trust in God to guide and direct us in the process.

Right now, I'm most thankful that he has spared us from the anxiety and uncertainty of infertility treatments and given us this amazing miracle.

I've had days since we received our news, that I've felt very overwhelmed at the idea of three kids, ages two and under. But, I know this is God's best plan for our life. And just as in the past, he'll give us everything we need to do it.

Enjoy the ultrasound pic of our little peanut. It was so cool to see the heartbeat, and already see the face, arms and legs - even though he/she is just the size of a grape right now. We WILL find out the sex of the baby - I can't handle the wait. That will probably happen sometime in March.

I'll keep you updated on all things Keller Baby No. 3!


Lauren and Jillian love to play with their baby dolls. They have "twin" babies and a couple days ago, Lauren started putting them on a pillow, covering them with a kitchen towel and saying "nigh-nigh."

It is just about the cutest thing I've seen her do so far. Her nurturing instinct amazes me. She and Jillian both will carry around the dolls, pat them on the back and feed them their bottles.

Daddy's Home!

For about a month now, when Andy gets home from work, the girls will squeal and run for the door saying "Dada!" It's certainly the highlight of Andy's day and so adorable to watch.

He'll come in a toss, tickle and tackle them. Enjoy this picture of daddy "wrestling" with his girls.


The proof is in...

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

According to the MyHeritage Look-alike Meter, Jillian looks more like Andy by 6% and Lauren looks more like me by 3%. They're both the sweetest babies I've ever seen. Although I see it backwards - I see more of myself in Jillian and more of Andy in Lauren. But, I guess MyHeritage wouldn't lie.


We've been "Elfed"

I decided to join the holiday hoopla and "elf" the Kellers for Christmas.

Check out our music video. And then join the fun.


The Paci Game

I'm not sure what the girls would call this game they were playing this morning, but they were sure having fun. I heard them giggling and walked over to see Jillian putting a paci in Lauren's mouth and then taking it out (that was the part they thought was hilarious).

Here's how the game is played...

Paci goes in the mouth.

A little bit of tackling.

More tackling.

Now the paci goes in Jillian's mouth.

I'd like to think this is a hug.

I love my Sissie!

Hanging out after school

Nothing like a snack and a show after MMO.