Carmel HS Homecoming 07

Last Friday, we went to Carmel High School's homecoming game with the family and hung out in the alumni tent. Andy's mom graduated Class of 71, Shannon was Class of 92, Andy was Class of 97 and Mike was Class of 01.

It was a lot of fun to hang out the Keller Family. As my girls get bigger, they are finally able to interact with Sophie and it makes me so excited to watch them be friends for life!

A rare Keller family photo!

These girls were so cute in their matching vests.

It's so cute to see the girls start to interact with Sophie. Jillian and Sophie were clapping and giggling together.

Lauren loves to sit "perched" on Grandpa's tummy.


Kisses from Aunt Shan-Shan!

Grandpa Jack and Grandma Dee

Last week, my grandparents (my mom's parents) came from Texas and were here all week to help celebrate Lauren & Jillian's birthday and to welcome baby Emily Poe. We were able to spend a lot of time with them and it went too quick.

Good thing we've already booked our tickets to visit them and the rest of our Texas family at Thanksgiving!


Just for laughs

I thought I'd give everyone a good laugh, with a shot of my swollen legs the day before I delivered the girls, compared to a shot of my legs a year later (yesterday)("Before" is on the left, by the way).

Pretty amazing how our bodies recover... now, if I could just get the same recovery in the abdominal region, I'd be good to go.


Happy Birthday Lauren & Jillian

Today was the day! Lauren and Jillian are now officially one year old. There were times this year I thought we'd never make it to this day, but we did.

We had their birthday party on Sunday and it was a lot of fun. The girls ate their cake like champs and enjoyed getting so many new toys and books, I'm not sure we'll ever run out of entertainment.

To all of my friends and family that were there to celebrate, just wanted you to know how much it meant to Andy and I that you came. Your love and support this year has been invaluable.

Getting ready to dive in!

Jillian looks like she was born for this!

Lauren was much more "neat" about the whole thing, but enjoyed her cake all the same.

These were their small butterfly cakes I made for them.

This was the birthday cake. A three tier labor of love!

Here's a shot of the grub. I was proud of how it all turned out!

Lauren and Grandpa playing with her new musical giraffe toy.

Lauren with Papaw and Jillian with my Grandpa Jack - who came all the way from Dallas to celebrate with us!

Here's a shot of Landon (son of our good friends, Amos and Crystal) - I think the girls may fight over this guy some day!

Here are some of the girls great grandparents - Earl and Connie Fertig (left) are Andy's mom's parents, and Jack and Delores Ezzell (right) are my mom's parents, who came for the party all the way from Texas.


Welcome Emily Grace Poe

I just came from the hospital to meet my new niece, Emily Grace. She is so sweet and looks just like her momma. My heart just leaped for joy when I saw her for the first time.

Ryan sent out this e-mail earlier this afternoon with all the delivery details and babys stats:

Emily Grace Poe became an official part of the Poe family this morning at 8:05. She weighed in at 8 pounds and 2 ounces and measured 19 1/4 inches long. She's perfect!! Lots of dark hair (with a few curls!) and even some dark hairs on her shoulders. With all the heartburn Shannon had during the pregnancy Shannon was predicting a little saskwatch baby...and that's what we got! She's a screamer...even the delivering docs and nurses were surprised how shrill her little screams were. But, she is nursing really well and seems to be much happier with a full tummy. Just like her daddy.

Shannon did great during the whole thing. She was able to remain alert for the whole operation. She's in some pain...and gets waves of nausea from time to time, but she's not been sick. She's sleeping now.

Thanks for your prayers. The whole morning has gone as great as we could have hoped for. We are so blessed and are looking forward to introducing you all to our new little Emily.


Hill Fest 2007

Last Sunday was Hill Fest, an annual event at our church, dubbed "The Biggest Block Party in Hamilton County!"

It is an amazing event, and the weather was perfect. We decided we'll wait until next year to wait in any of the lines for rides, when the girls can really appreciate it.

We enjoyed the free food, music and company.

Just swingin'

We've wanted to get swings for the girls all summer. Well now that fall is almost here, we've finally got some swings hooked up on the front of the house.

We've been enjoying the weather, taking lots of walks and finishing them off with a good swing. Life is good.

Emily Grace is coming soon!

Last Friday, I hosted a small luncheon shower for Shannon Poe in honor of Emily Grace who is scheduled to come into the world on Tuesday, Sept. 25 (If not sooner!). We ate at Macaroni Grill, I made a neat cake and Shannon opened a few gifts.

I'm so excited to welcome my new niece to the world!


Chili night

These photos are dedicated to Uncle Jason, who would be so proud at what neat eaters his nieces are. Check out the wall art left by Jillian - maybe it's time to move those chairs a little.
Turns out these girls really like their chili mac!

Babies in boxes

It's good to be bonafide

Last week, Andy and I went to the season opener for the Colts and enjoyed all the pregame festivities, hosted by the NFL. When we arrived with our friends Dan and Sarah, the crowd for the concert on the circle was nuts, so we decided to go get some dinner.

After dinner, I wanted to see Kelly Clarkson, so we headed back to the circle. Dan and Andy had their Colts employee creditials on them and decided to see if we could use them to get a closer look. Security OK'd us to enter the VIP area and we got a great view of the concert and didn't have to stand shoulder to shoulder with all the other screaming fans. We felt pretty special.

In the stadium, fans were going crazy. It was so loud, especially at the opener, where John Mellencamp performed and Mr. Irsay debuted the Colts World Champions banner. It was a great game. We smashed the Saints, 41 - 10.

Let me tell ya, working for the Colts is a pretty sweet deal.


Jillian takes her first steps!

It's official, Jillian has taken her first steps. She did it first yesterday afternoon while daddy was playing with her and encouraging her to do it. She took one step, then two. Later, when my parents were here, we captured this video of her showing off her new skills to Papaw.


Sick day

So, today was supposed to be the girls first day of "school" (Mother's Morning Out program at Northview), but they both have caught a cold and we decided to keep our germs to ourselves and stay at home. I took these pictures this morning - hope you don't have a weak stomach, since these pictures capture their drooliness and booger-noses up close!

Unfortunately, this morning was also supposed to be my first day back at Northview as Director of Communications - very part-time, of course. But, I'm very excited to be back in the saddle. I'm working a few hours in the office and the rest of the time will be from home.

It's a blessing to be doing something I enjoy, but have the flexibility to still be with my girls most of the time. My only set office hours will be the same hours the girls are in their class on Wednesday mornings.


It amazes me how babies are naturally so fascinated by things they shouldn't touch - like the TV, remote, phones, etc. The girls love to play with the TV and push the buttons. In this picture, Lauren is so determined to get beyond the barracades, she's climbed into the toy bin and Jillian is turning the TV off and on. Silly girls!