We love to swing!

Yesterday, I took the girls to the park for the first time with our friend (and cousin-in-law, not sure what her official title would be), Jaime, her precious baby Jacklynn and another infant she watches (4 babies + 2 mommies + park = awards for bravery). Actually, it was a lot of fun and all the girls did great.

Lauren and Jillian loved the swings. It was fun to see how they each responded. Lauren just took it all in, never making any gestures of excitement or glee. She was just relaxing. Jillian was more curious and would give a few smiles and wanted to look all around.

After the swings, we took them for a walk around the park and then came home and crashed for an afternoon nap.

Thanks for inviting us, Jaime! Let's make this a regular date!


New meaning to Mother's Day

I remember feeling it when I first became a mom. It's as if I was a new member of a club that has been going on from the beginning of time. Mom's have a bond and an understanding of each other that I don't think you can have, until you have a child (or children, for those of us who like to have them in litters).

All of the sudden, you understand what Mom's have been doing for centuries: sacrificing everything to give the best to their kids. You hear about it and you witness others do it, but it doesn't impact you like it does until you are the one sacrificing everything for your kids.

It's hard work. It's great work. But, it's hard work. Did I mention it's hard work?

So, this Mother's Day had new meaning to me. All day long, I watched my girls in the dresses I bought them before they were even born (when I only dreamt of them... all night long... without interruption). It didn't matter that Lauren had woken too early and cried for WAY too long, before falling asleep again or that I had spent the three hours I had to myself the day before to clean my house, only to turn it upside down again preparing to be gone the entire day for Mother's Day events.

All that mattered was that I was a mom. Lauren and Jillian's mom. And I've dreamed of owning that title my whole life. And the difference between the dream and reality is for me what makes Mother's Day more than I ever knew it was.

So, to all the mom's out there that are in my life by relation or just through friendship - I love and deeply respect each one of you. What you do for your kids day in and day out is incredible. This job isn't for the faint of heart, but it's the best job in the world. I'm proud to share this adventure with you!

After we took this picture, I realized that Lauren had a poopy diaper and it was all over my white shirt!

These are all four of the great-grandkids in the Fertig family - Sophia, Jillian, Jacklynn and Lauren. Four beautiful girls!


Family update

Most of you who frequently check the Keller Family Four blog, know that my Aunt Jean (my mom's sister), recently underwent surgery to remove a large tumor on her brain. Her surgery was successful, in that they removed most of the tumor and there was no damage to the brain in the process. My mom sent out this message yesterday as an update...

Jeanine is doing exceptionally well since her surgery. She has a scar the shape of a horseshoe on the left side of her head and it was double sutured due to swelling. The tumor was 4 ½" by 3" and had been there a long time. We had prepared ourselves for someone who might have come out of surgery not knowing us and not having some of her basic capabilities, but she is awake, alert, eating, talking, knows everyone, walking….all the things we were afraid she would have to have therapy for after her surgery. Her doctor is very pleased and so is her family. If all goes well she will get to go home tomorrow. We are still waiting for the pathology report and the final prognosis as they weren’t able to remove the entire tumor. There were parts of it that reached too far down into her brain for them to safely remove. She is a Miracle, however she still needs prayer for it not to be malignant.

So, please continue to pray for my aunt. She is an awesome woman and we love her dearly.

If you'd like to track her progress, my cousin Kara is keeping an updated blog on all things Jeanine Nichols.

In other news, Ryan and Shannon (my bro and sis-in-law) just found out that the will have a baby girl! Emily Grace Poe is due at the end of September, just about the same time my girls will celebrate their first birthday. I can't wait for another niece to love on! And we'll have two of every outfit she could ever need to pass down for life :)

And for no other reason than I'm a proud mommy, here are some cute pictures of the girls.


New family photos

Enjoy these pics recently taken at JCPenney.


Sitting pretties

My girls are now BOTH sitting up. Lauren has now reached sitting up status with her sister. Up to this point, Lauren has enjoyed being on her tummy and rolling all around. She is so wirey and flexible. In fact, rather than falling on her back or to the side, she literally folds in half when she loses her balance.

The girls are both doing well. Last week was awful, we all three came down with strep (Andy was miraculously spared). This week is better, but Jilli still isn't 100%. We're all taking an antibiotic - I take a pill and the girls get that yummy pink medicine I loved as a kid! Can you believe it's the same yummy bubblegum flavor? I'm so jealous.