By the way...

I believe I forgot to mention that Andy and I leave tomorrow to go to the Super Bowl! Mr. Irsay is paying for all Colts employees and one guest (me... sorry Todd) to go to Miami, all expenses paid. We'll even have creditials and be able to enjoy some fun pre-game parties! It seems too good to be true, but we are oh-so-excited.

Since we're blessed to have both sets of grandparents in town, the girls will split up and spend time with each of them (and one of them will even get to spend the night with Aunt Shannon, Uncle Ryan and cousin Jakey!).

It's going to be hard to leave them. That part should be interesting. But, I think we'll do OK.

I'll take a ton of pictures and can't wait to blog all about it when we get back on Monday!


Lauren and Jillian (at 3 mos.)

Here is a short compilation video of the girls over the last couple of months. They're growing so fast.


Going to the Super Bowl!

Oh man, was last night fun! Andy had to work the game, so I took my dad and we cheered like crazy people ... along with 60,000 other fans. It was so loud in that place, I couldn't believe it. And we're going to the Super Bowl! Man-oh-man, this is gonna be good!

This first shot is during the trophy presentation after the game, second shot is me and dad, the third is during the player introduction and the last shot is the team lining up for the play that scored the winning touchdown!


Have your cake and devour it, too!

It's hard to believe it, but our sweet niece, Sophia Joy, is turning one (on 1/23). We celebrated tonight with an incredible cake and lots of fun presents. Sophie loves books, so Shannon had everyone bring their favorite book with a personal note written inside. What a great idea! She loved it.

She looked adorable in her little pink tutu and pink cowgirl boots!

We love you, Sophie! Happy birthday!


Jillian Laughing

Last Sunday Grammy (aka Debbie Keller) had Jillian laughing her first real belly laugh. Warning: If you're having a bad day, it's about to get better. Watch her expression at the end ... she was exhausted.

Picture day!

I took the girls this morning to JCPenney for their 3 month pictures (even though they're a week shy of 4 months) and they did great. So did mommy, thanks to great help by my friend Melissa (thanks again, Melissa!).

When we got home, I decided to take some more pictures, because at random times I realize how big they're getting so fast and I want to remember every moment - except for the past two weeks, which I wouldn't mind forgetting.

Lauren's acid reflux started flaring up again and then Jillian was giving us a hard time with her sleep patterns. So last night, Andy decided to give me some relief and take the middle of the night feeding (yes, they've gone back to only sleeping 5hrs at a time). But, to our surprise, they went all the way until 6am this morning (making it a 7 1/2 hr stretch!! Woohoo!) We'll see if they keep it up!


Fun at the playoffs!

Andy and I went to the playoffs game last Saturday (1/6) to watch the Colts beat the Chiefs.

Now, I know I grew up in Chiefs territory, but I have to say I also grew up oblivious to the fascination with the sport of football. But now, thanks to my husband, I actually like it. So, needless to say, we had a blast hollering and swinging our towels in celebration.

We're anxious for tomorrow's game. We won't be in Baltimore, but if (I mean, when) they win, we'll be going back for the game on 1/21.

Enjoy these pics, even though they were taken with a lousy camera (sorry).


Christmas clothes!

We've had so much fun dressing the girls in all the new outfits they got for Christmas. They are getting so big, so fast. They'll be 15 weeks old on Tuesday!

I've already begun packing away their newborn and even some of their 0-3 month size clothes. I wasn't prepared for how sad that would make me. But they're doing new things all the time, and that's so fun to watch. Recently, they've both become fascinated by their hands. Jillian is even sucking her thumb a bit (as you can see in the pic on the last post).