Laundry day (more like, laundry WEEK)

So, I'm embarrassed to show the enormous pile of laundry I attempted to tackle this week (7 loads in and still going!) and embarrassed that I let my children play in dirty laundry, but they were having so much fun, I had to capture the moment with some pictures.

Jillian is a monkey-child and immediately tried to climb it and Lauren joined in after her. They were squealing and having a great time. Lauren enjoyed "sorting" the clothes (she is very into going through piles of things - toys, books, clothes in her drawer and, apparantly, piles of dirty laundry).


The girls attend Mother's Morning Out at church on Wednesday mornings, while mommy goes to work (upstairs at church) from 9a - 1p. When we get home, they are usually exhausted and hungry.

They love these "Snack Traps." I always have them filled with snacks for the car ride home. In this picture, they're enjoying their snack (Os and Goldfish) on the kitchen floor, with a refreshing cup of water. Yum!


Too big!

Isn't she beautiful?

Jillian on her Elmo phone - looks like an important call.

My girls are looking so much older to me! When I see them in pictures (like these) I can't believe how big they're getting. It seems like since their birthday, they've been doing so many new "big girl" things. Here are a few examples...

1) Lauren is now walking

2) Jillian will now point to want she wants and then sign "more" - communicating that she wants something specific.

3) Lauren's hair is long enough for "big girl" pig tails - and she is too cute for words in them.

4) Lauren said "Hi! Sissie!" to Jillian the other day.

5) Jillian now has six teeth (four on top, two on bottom). She is working on more (cranky), but I can't figure out which ones are coming.

6) I bought them their first toothbrushes this week (they have Snoopy on them). They used them for the first time tonight. Mostly just chewed on the bristles, but the Dr. says that's enough for now.

7) They will both "talk" on their phones and Lauren says "Hello!" when she puts it to her ear.

8) Jillian is losing her "rubberband" chubby baby wrists.

It's happening too fast. They get cuter all the time, but it's hard to let go of them as my babies.

I heard a mommy say once that when your child is in your stomach, is the only time that you can control them. And once they leave your womb, it's a continual process of letting go.

So true. I know it only gets harder and harder too, as your babies become "people" with personalities and dreams.

Andy and I are just trying to enjoy every moment.


Our new friends, Ethan and Sam

Oh my goodness... Lauren and Jillian have the cutest new friends - fellow twins, Ethan (on the right) and Sam (on the left). I met their mom, Anitra, at Northview and we instantly bonded over our journeys through infertility and our adventures as moms of multiples.

We've gotten together a couple times so far, and it's been so fun. The boys are both adorable, but I told Anitra, I have a little crush on Sam. He has the cutest dimples and a smile that just melts your heart.

Thanks for having us over, Anitra! We hope to do it again real soon!

Pickin out pumpkins

Family shot (notice Lauren studying the hay) (by the way, I colored by hair)
Jillian on the hayride!
Lauren in her own world on the hayride

Jillian says "This is the one!"
Lauren says, "Daddy, it's too heavy!"

Last Sunday, we took the girls to the pumpkin patch, to experience their first hayride and pumpkin picking.

They were cute on the hayride, because Jillian (my wild/fearless child) wanted to stand the whole time and Lauren (my introspective one) was in her own world studying the hay we were sitting in.

It was a good time with my mom, dad and Jake. The weather was perfect, warm, but still fall-ish.


First haircuts!

I decided it was time to give the girls a little trim. Lauren got about a 1/2 inch off the back. On Jillian, I trimmed some of her super long layers in the back and cut the front, so it would stay out of her eyes. It was getting to where her hair was down to her nose in front.

Here are the in-progress and after shots.

Pointing and other tricks

Lately, the girls both like to point at things they want. Lauren loves to point at the family pictures on the fireplace mantle. Several times a day, I'll pick her up and I'll tell her who's in each picture and she'll just point and smile. It's very sweet.

Jillian likes to point to objects she wants - paci, sippy cup, food. She has become quite the little begger. The other night, we had our Life Group over for dinner and my friend, Tish, was sitting on the floor, eating her cupcake for dessert and Jillian crawled right into her lap, trying to steal a bite. She has also become so outgoing. She smiles and laughs at anyone and everyone, especially when we're out in public. She loves an audience when she's being silly. And thinks everything is a game.

Now that they're facing forward in their car seats, I get such a kick out of turning around and making silly faces at them or looking at them in the rearview mirror. I can tell they really like the seeing outside as we drive. A lot of times, they'll just sing and babble - it's how I know when they're super relaxed.

The girls other new trick is talking on the phone. They have about five toy phones and they know to put them to their ear and talk. Lauren is especially funny, because she'll say "hello" and will just start babbling. Yesterday, I asked her who she was talking to and said "Are you talking to Sophie?" and she looked up at Sophie's picture on the mantle. She's brilliant. Lauren also has been saying a few other words - Momma, bye-bye, hello, uh-oh and wow.

And, for our final trick - Jillian is now a walker! She walks way more than she crawls. It's like one day, she decided she was done with the floor and just walked across the room.