I love this picture

Your future's so bright...

Check out these awesome shades! The girls got these purple specs in their Easter baskets and we just had to show them off. Neither of them seem to tolerate being outdoors too well, yet. It seems they both have allergic reactions after just a few minutes outside... which stinks.

So, mommy is thankful for Arbonne self-tanner. And naps. I sat outside and read during their afternoon nap today. Which was so wonderful!


Look out R350, here I come

At a recent Arbonne team meeting, I was able to test drive the car I plan to earn with my business. Talk about motivation. This car is pretty incredible and will fit my babies and all our gear quite comfortably (I sat in the back to make sure it would fit my double stroller).

It's the Mercedes-Benz R350. If your not already jealous, you can read all about it by clicking here. My goal is to be driving this bad boy by my 28th birthday (8/12/08).


Jilli's got two teeth!

It's true! My baby Jillian has pushed through her first two teeth. One came at the end of March and two weeks later the other one popped through. She's been a trooper. She doesn't fuss much usually, so I know when she was fussy this past month, she really meant it. She's had a rough time, but hopefully now that they've arrived, it won't be so painful.

Lauren is also teething (and fussy), but there are no teeth in sight. Each night I pray that her teeth are at least close so she can get back to her normal self. Because Lauren's normal self is so cute right now. She talks non-stop and laughs/squeals all the time.

Other news? The girls are working on eating big girl food. It's been hit and miss since we started trying (2 months ago). But, I've learned that these girls don't want to eat food when they're sick or when their mouths hurt and who can blame them? So, we try every day, but there's no guarantee of success.

I am making their baby food, so I've made sweet potato, squash, carrots and green beans. So, on good days they eat oatmeal baby cereal and one of the vegetables. They've also tried banana and avocado. Lauren is doing a little better than sister with food, and she seems to really like squash and banana.

They seem to like everything I put in their mouth so far. No super sour faces or spitting things out. The trick is getting them on a good day when they want to open their mouths for it. But, we'll get there.

In other firsts, Jillian is getting better as sitting up. I love these pictures of her on the couch in her ducky "sleep sack."

Can these girls get any cuter?? I'm a proud momma.


Easter Memories

This Easter was extra special. Not only was it the first for Lauren and Jillian, but my best friend, Cassie, her husband and her girls came to town for a visit.

We spent the weekend hanging out with all our kids, not the usual shopping marathons we used to have before we had kids and when we had money. But, it was so fun watching our girls play with each other. Ashlyn (3) and Arin (2) were so sweet with Lauren and Jillian. They would talk to them and make them laugh.

On Easter, we went to my parents house and enjoyed a yummy holiday meal and an Easter egg hunt in the basement. All the kids - Jake, Sophie, Tyler, Ashlyn, Arin, Lauren & Jillian - filled their baskets with eggs full of candy, stickers and toys. I guess this year is the only year that Andy and I will get to enjoy the candy inside the eggs. So, we'll make sure to enjoy every bite. Yum! Reese's Cups!

The weekend went too fast and I had to say goodbye to my best bud, Cass. What stinks the most, is we never know when we'll get to see each other again. But, we had a great visit and I'm happy that she met my girls for the first time.

All the kids looked super cute on Easter. I captured several pictures - here are a few of the best.


Doctor's report

I took the girls to the doctor on Friday and Jillian weighed 20lbs and was 28in long. She is off the charts for weight and height. Lauren weighed 18lb 7oz and was 27in long. They are perfect and healthy.

We enjoyed a nice Sunday evening at Andy's parents. Debbie made us a delicious fried chicken dinner and we were able to catch up with everyone.