Three weeks old

The girls are three weeks old today. They are both doing great, except that they hit the three-week growth spurt and so their schedules are not coordinating at night like they did the first two weeks. I find that the schedule is the toughest part right now. Two babies. Two tummies. It only makes sense that they will get off the same schedule, but mommy just wants to sleep. I know it won't last forever and so we persevere. It's a good thing they're both so cute!

We're enjoying getting to know them and learning how completely different they really are. It's so amazing.


Emily said...

ok, third picture down....Jillian right??? Totally Andy... Just my 2 cents.

Haffner Home said...

So cute! Landon has that same papazon chair. And, the trash bag bedding is a nice touch, Jenni.

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

I love 'em!!! Aunt Shan Shan