One month and growing fast!

Today the girls are one month old. I can't believe it. I was told the first month would be a blur and it's true. We're adjusting well. Our new reality is pretty overwhelming at times, but we are so blessed and in love with our babies.

We went to the doctor today and the girls are chunking up. Jillian weighs 9lb 13oz and Lauren is catching up with sister at 9lb 5oz. Jillian is 22" long (grown 2" since birth) and Lauren is 21 1/2" (grown 2 1/2" since birth). The doctor said they looked great.

We're anxiously awaiting to see their smiles. We catch a little grin every once in a while, so we know they're coming soon. We think Jillian will be first. She is very attentive when you talk to her and is already starting to coo.

Lauren is so snuggly. She's had a very painful diaper rash for a couple weeks, so she's required a little extra TLC. She loves to lay on my chest. When you put her there, she goes to sleep instantly.

I love how different they are (except when it comes to sleep - their differences there make sleep a real challenge for mom and dad) (please pray for us!).

I'm posting several pictures. The professional shots are from our first photo shoot at JCPenney. The candid shots were taken tonight to mark their one month birthday. Enjoy!


Leigh Ann said...

What a beautiful family! You look so good and the girls are so adorable. Hang in there, hopefully more sleep is coming soon.

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

I need to squeeze them again!! They are so sweet! I love you girls forever!! Auntie Shan Shan

Emily said...

Those pictures are adorable...what a good lookin' family.

Haffner Home said...

Awesome pics, guys!