Happy Halloween!

So, Halloween gear was 50% off the day before the holiday, so I splurged and got these cute outfits just for the photo opp. We stayed at home last night and passed out candy to the neighbors. Ryan, Shannon and Jake ("the Pooch") stopped by also and we loved Jake's costume (he even wagged his tail).

Then, this afternoon we got out a new toy - our Gymini Total Playground. It has lots of colors and makes many different sounds. They especially liked the wind chime sound. Jillian is beginning to discover her voice and likes to hear herself make a shrill high-pitched scream. It's loud, but it's cute. Lauren just likes to take it all in. She's not as free at expressing herself as her sister is just yet.


All about Toby said...

the girls look so so cute in their little halloween costumes! I can't believe they are a month old! You guys look so great!

Emily said...

I love the little pumpkins! Sometimes it's just so fun to splurge!

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

I cannot believe how big they are getting!!! They are much more alert now too. How fun!! They are going to like seeing Sophie!! Sophie wants to kiss 'em.

Tammy said...

Jenni and Andy,
What sweet girls you have.They are soooo cute. I can not wait to meet them and also Sophie.Grandpa Duane was so proud talking about his grandbabies when he was in ND.
I look forward to seeing them grow on the internet.
Love, Tammy from North Dakota