Lauren and Jillian (at 3 mos.)

Here is a short compilation video of the girls over the last couple of months. They're growing so fast.


Kara said...

They are such good babies!! So adorable! Come and visit us soon!! Love ya!

Haffner Home said...

Great comp real! Love the last shot of Jenni with both girls. They're so loved by such awesome parents!!

Storrs Family said...

Jenny, I love this blogspot! We've got one now, storrsside.blogspot.com. Come check us out. Please call me and let me know how to put pictures and video on here. I'm just now learning.
Danielle Storrs
PS It was so good to see you at the shower. I have so much fun with you. The girls are so adorable!

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! I am so proud of you guys. My heart is just bursting out of my chest for these girls!!! Love you guys!!! Auntie Shan Shan

Leigh Ann said...

This video was awesome! Your girls are beautiful and look so happy and healthy. I love their smiles and coo's.

Thanks for having this blog, I love watching them grow.