Fun at the playoffs!

Andy and I went to the playoffs game last Saturday (1/6) to watch the Colts beat the Chiefs.

Now, I know I grew up in Chiefs territory, but I have to say I also grew up oblivious to the fascination with the sport of football. But now, thanks to my husband, I actually like it. So, needless to say, we had a blast hollering and swinging our towels in celebration.

We're anxious for tomorrow's game. We won't be in Baltimore, but if (I mean, when) they win, we'll be going back for the game on 1/21.

Enjoy these pics, even though they were taken with a lousy camera (sorry).


Emily said...

looks like you guys had really good seats! Are ya looking foward to next weekend already?

Sarah Parker said...

What the heck--there's no red in that had Jenni! I love your site. Your girls are beautiful!

Sarah Parker said...

I mean hat-not had. Woops!