Easter Memories

This Easter was extra special. Not only was it the first for Lauren and Jillian, but my best friend, Cassie, her husband and her girls came to town for a visit.

We spent the weekend hanging out with all our kids, not the usual shopping marathons we used to have before we had kids and when we had money. But, it was so fun watching our girls play with each other. Ashlyn (3) and Arin (2) were so sweet with Lauren and Jillian. They would talk to them and make them laugh.

On Easter, we went to my parents house and enjoyed a yummy holiday meal and an Easter egg hunt in the basement. All the kids - Jake, Sophie, Tyler, Ashlyn, Arin, Lauren & Jillian - filled their baskets with eggs full of candy, stickers and toys. I guess this year is the only year that Andy and I will get to enjoy the candy inside the eggs. So, we'll make sure to enjoy every bite. Yum! Reese's Cups!

The weekend went too fast and I had to say goodbye to my best bud, Cass. What stinks the most, is we never know when we'll get to see each other again. But, we had a great visit and I'm happy that she met my girls for the first time.

All the kids looked super cute on Easter. I captured several pictures - here are a few of the best.


Christina said...

They are so cute -- the girls just get cutier every day. What sixe cloting are they in? It looks like Jillian is in bigger clothes. It we fun to see Cassie's kids as well. Happy Easter.

The Liller Family said...

HOW CUTE ARE YOUR GIRLS???!!! I love the dresses, and they get more and more beautiful each time I see them! What a great 1st Easter!

kim burton said...

Jenni! Oh, I just love the pictures of Jillian, Lauren, Arin and Ashlyn (I haven't gotten pictures from Cassie in awhile...I'll have to email her:) They are all just too perfectly adorable!! Check out all the places we're connecting...myspace, facebook...now your blog. I found your blog a couple weeks ago somehow-maybe through your myspace? You're even in my subscriptions:)