Jilli's got two teeth!

It's true! My baby Jillian has pushed through her first two teeth. One came at the end of March and two weeks later the other one popped through. She's been a trooper. She doesn't fuss much usually, so I know when she was fussy this past month, she really meant it. She's had a rough time, but hopefully now that they've arrived, it won't be so painful.

Lauren is also teething (and fussy), but there are no teeth in sight. Each night I pray that her teeth are at least close so she can get back to her normal self. Because Lauren's normal self is so cute right now. She talks non-stop and laughs/squeals all the time.

Other news? The girls are working on eating big girl food. It's been hit and miss since we started trying (2 months ago). But, I've learned that these girls don't want to eat food when they're sick or when their mouths hurt and who can blame them? So, we try every day, but there's no guarantee of success.

I am making their baby food, so I've made sweet potato, squash, carrots and green beans. So, on good days they eat oatmeal baby cereal and one of the vegetables. They've also tried banana and avocado. Lauren is doing a little better than sister with food, and she seems to really like squash and banana.

They seem to like everything I put in their mouth so far. No super sour faces or spitting things out. The trick is getting them on a good day when they want to open their mouths for it. But, we'll get there.

In other firsts, Jillian is getting better as sitting up. I love these pictures of her on the couch in her ducky "sleep sack."

Can these girls get any cuter?? I'm a proud momma.


Christina said...

So so precious. Congrats on the teeth.

Ellings said...

yes, the teeth are a big milestone! Good luck...

Haffner Home said...

I would like to think that "Jillybean" had the courage to cut those teeth to the surface after spending some quality time with me on Saturday night! [Ah]

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

I can't believe she has TWO of them in there!! HOW CUTE!!! That only means that all this work Lauren is doing will pay off, maybe she'll get a lot in at once!! They are getting so big and so CUTE!!!!

mrs. bland said...

Hey guys!!!

Jenni, I'm so impressed that you're making their baby food! I'm planning on doing that this summer when school's out and I have more time. You'll have to share your tips. Speaking of tips, your advice definitely worked with Lucas. He slept through the night for 5 days... but THEN he got sick! Ugh. So we're starting all over. But at least I know there's light at the end of this long dark tunnel! :) Hope to see you guys soon!!!


The Liller Family said...

They are so adorable, and how awesome are you for making their baby food!!! I'm definitely impressed!