The proof is in...

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

According to the MyHeritage Look-alike Meter, Jillian looks more like Andy by 6% and Lauren looks more like me by 3%. They're both the sweetest babies I've ever seen. Although I see it backwards - I see more of myself in Jillian and more of Andy in Lauren. But, I guess MyHeritage wouldn't lie.


poefamily said...

This is a cute website. I went on and played for a while. It really depends on what pics you use. I tried one that said Jake looked more like my by 42%! And then another pic said he looked more like me by only 6%. I do think Jillian is a mini-Andy! Anyway, thanks for finding these fun websites!
Love ya,

Ryan, Missy and Riley said...

This is so fun... I hope you don't mind that we totally copied you on our blog. :)

The Delp Family