A Fourth of Fun

We had a great holiday weekend. Andy had Thursday and Friday off, so we were very spoiled with Daddy time.

Thursday evening, Andy and I took the girls to CarmelFest. There wasn't much for them to do at this age. It was mostly vendors selling merchandise or greasy food. So, we partook of the greasy goodness. They had their first corndog (well, Jillian did - Lauren wasn't interested). Lauren was happy to eat the french fries.

Friday morning, we headed to the Carmel parade. I was so excited about the parade and anxious to see if the girls liked it and after a morning scare of being rained out, we braved the weather and headed out. The girls had a great time and it was fun to experience this "first" with them.

After the parade, we went to my bro's house for lunch and then home for some R&R. That evening my parents came over and we headed to the Carmel fireworks that night.

The girls were a little unsure of the fireworks at first, but Jillian especially liked them and would use her "sign" for more and say "mosh" (which is what "more" sounds like when she says it).

Jilli's first corndog.

Sharing a snack with her cousin before the parade.

Lauren loved the marching bands and would hand me her sucker so she could clap when they passed by.

She really liked the suckers and Smarties, too.

The parade crew - Jaime, Jacklynn and Cara (in the back), our niece, me, Jilli, Jason, Shan and Lauren up front.
Fun at the fireworks with Gam and Papaw.

Holding all three of my girls - The girls were a little scared at first and only wanted mommy. I love when that happens.

By the end of the fireworks show, Lauren was getting pretty sleepy and wanted to snuggle daddy.

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