Backyard pool

I've told you about my least favorite part of the day, but let me now tell you about my favorite. It's 6:30p - 8p... Daddy's home, tummy's are full and energy is high. The girls are so happy this time of day and are playing together SO well lately.

We set up the backyard pool and the girls spent two hours going down the slide, laying in the water, dumping water out of the pool, etc.

It was wonderful. I sat watching, feeling so grateful for my little miracles and this life God has entrusted to me to live.

"Sissy, I think you need some help getting wet!"

Just laying around.

The princess waves from her castle.

I thought it was funny that they chose to lay down in the water.

Look at those beautiful blues... she's got Daddy's eyes for sure.

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Mackey Family said...

She sure does have beautiful eyes. And the princess has "the wave" down.I wish I could see them again and see their little personalities.Miss you guys.