Christmas with the Colts

Andy and I took the girls to the Colts Christmas party last weekend (12/16), where they met Santa for the first time. Probably equally as exciting (sorry Santa) was when they met Coach and Mrs. Dungy! I tell you, these girls attract a crowd. We were so thrilled when Mrs. Dungy walked up to us to see the girls in their Santa outfits. Coach Dungy walked up shortly after. It was pretty awesome.

Also in attendance were Dallas Clark, Hunter Smith, Tarik Glenn and Jeff Saturday (others were there, but these are the players I knew).

We had fun eating and socializing. We were amazed at the amount of children their who appeared to also be multiples. About four sets of twins and even a set of triplet sisters. Kind of cool. I talked to one mom about her twin boys, she said, "The first year's a breeze, it's the second year when you need to call in reinforcements." I can see how that would be so with boys - so we'll see how it plays out with mine.

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Haffner Home said...

Andy, did the Colts ask for a run defense from Santa this year? 'Cause I got a pretty awesome new Colts sweatshirt and I'm wondering whether or not to keep it out come January. [Ah]