Grandpa's Poem

Andy's Grandpa Earl has a wonderful talent for writing poetry. I love hearing his work because he writes from his heart. He wrote this poem and gave it to us for Christmas, so I thought I would share it with everyone.

This picture is of him with Andy's Grandma Connie and the girl's dedication ceremony earlier this month.

Acknowledge Him always and God will direct
you to your appointed destiny,
for your hands, He's still holding,
while His plan is unfolding,
and your dreams become reality.

This is the ballad of Jenni and Andy,
who prayed earnestly for a child,
and waited long, as time grew.
Then God, at last said: "I've heard your prayers,
but instead
of just one child, surprise!, it's twin girls for you two."

They're Jillian Abrielle and Lauren Joelle,
so alike, yet so different, it seems like to me.
Lauren resembles the Poe's, while Jillian
has Andy's nose.
Yet each has their own personality.

Now they're a family, so grandly unique,
there's no other like them,
in all of the world,
'cause there can never be any
quite like Andy and Jenni,
and their two beautiful, miracle girls.

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