On the verge

As you can see from this picture, Lauren has become part monkey and I believe she'll be rolling over soon. There are times when I'll put her under a toy, leave the room and come back to find she's done a 180 and is facing the opposite direction.

So, I figured enough about Andy and I and our Super Bowl adventures, let's talk about babies. A few weeks ago, I took the girls for their four month check-up. You won't believe what whoppers they've become. Jillian weighed 16lb 13oz and was 27 1/2". Lauren weighed 15lb 15oz and was almost 27". I was surprised to hear that Jillian was longer than Lauren, since Lauren appears to be long and lean. They are in the 90th and 95th percentile for weight - which is pretty incredible for twins.

The doctor gave us the okay to start teaching them to eat with a spoon. So, for one meal each day, they share a small bowl of rice cereal. Jillian picked up on it like she was born to eat from a spoon, while Lauren spits almost all of it out onto her bib with each bite. But, they are both oh-so-cute eating big girl food from a spoon.

We're still struggling with acid reflux - yes, they both have it. The biggest struggle right now is the frequent night waking. I've begun to chart who is waking up when, and maybe it's not as bad as it feels, but with two babies waking 2-3 times each night (equaling 4-6 wakings, for those slow with math), this mommy's doing everything she can think of to get it to stop. Any suggestions, fellow moms?

But, my babies are beautiful and healthy. So, I'm not bitter that although I know they are capable of sleeping 8hrs at a time, sometimes we still only get 5 or 6hrs. You can tell I'm not bitter, right?.. Sigh.

But seriously, life is good. Last night, when I was feeding Jillian, I started thinking about how they'll never be little babies again. And I wanted to stop the clock and just snuggle her and smell her freshly washed baby hair and kiss her chubby baby hands.


The Jason Pongratz Family said...

I know they have gotten bigger in just a week!! They are so adorable and really developing their beautiful looks and personalities. I just love them to pieces!! I think Sophie could pass for their sister too!! They are so cute!!! -Auntie Shan Shan

Haffner Home said...

the girls are getting so big!! THey are getting cuter by the day. Which one will Landon end up wtih?? hahaha!!!!

I will have to call you soon. Great they are already taking cereal. We are still working on it here. A little each day. It has only been 7 days.

Haffner Home said...
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Ellings said...

It's true, they do grow up way too fast. But find comfort that every stage is just as fun as the last...

Melissa said...

You guys are doing so great! I love the pics with the spoon. Go Jillian the pic of them on their Bumbo's is too much what are they little toddlers now ready for a tea party! SO CUTE! Miss ya ready to play next week! Stay warm and go girls you can SLEEP!


Storrs Family said...

OK, about the acid reflux issue. I had a friend that both of her kids had it and it was very hard for her. She said the one thing that really worked for both of them is infant zantac. Also, she said if the pediatrician tries to tell you colic and doesn't take it seriously, then sit in his office until he comes up with a better answer!
Waking up that much would be hard!

balesboys said...

Hey, Mason had acid reflux really bad for 6 months, then outgrew it. Pray for that, but in the meantime, try this - it worked for us. Our doctor put him on a couple different medicines, but also told us he could have 1/4 tsp. of Mallox two times a day. He loved the Mallox, get the berry flavor. We would give him just a little on his paci after he ate, and when he woke up at night with heartburn, we'd dip his paci or give him some out of a syringe, it's instant relief! Let me know if it works for you too!