Twelve-hours good!

My apologies for the two-week hiatus from posting. Jillian has taken over the office (meaning, we've moved her and the pack-n-play in for awhile). Turns out, the girls were ready for a little tough love in order to begin sleeping better. But, I'm happy to report, it seems to be working!

The girls now have their own rooms (temporarily), their own vaporizers and sound machines. So, it's become a little bit harder to get on the computer the past couple weeks. But, it's been so worth it. Last night, the girls set a new record of 12 straight hours of sleep. We've gone from 5-6 hours, to 10-12 in two short weeks.

The girls were 5 months old on Monday. Growing like weeds and doing new and incredibly cute things daily. Lauren is talking up a storm and will sometimes even squeal the way that her sister Jillian does (constantly). Jillian is a smiling machine. She smiles when she wakes up in the morning and whenever you talk to her. They are both so sweet and so cute. I love watching their unique personalities emerge.

We've battled a few colds as well. Two sick babies is not fun, but they are troopers and we seem to be on the recovering end of this one. Jillian is so pathetic when she doesn't feel good. She doesn't smile and she just gives a blank pathetic stare. I feel like she's saying, "Mommy, this stinks."

In other news, I (Jenni), have decided to launch my Arbonne business. I just returned from a training with my mom (Executive National Vice President Sandy Poe) in Phoenix and I'm very excited about getting started. If you'd like to know why I'm excited, just ask me. I'll be happy to tell you all about it.

While I was away, Andy had full-time daddy duties and he did amazing. Having twins has allowed Andy to have a lot of hands-on experience. So, taking over for the weekend was pretty much a seemless transition. What a guy!

So, while Jillian's in the office, I'll do my best to keep the posts coming. Maybe now it will be easier, with all the energy I've gotten from an uninterruped night of sleep.


Kara said...

We've been dying for an update!! Great news on all the sleep! When are you bringing the girls to TX?? I miss you all sooooo much! Good luck with Arbonne too! Love you!

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

I am SO PROUD of you girls sleeping 12-13 hours straight for your Mommy and Daddy!! Keep that up!! You are beautiful girls! I am so proud of you!! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!! Auntie Shan Shan

Haffner Home said...

Wow! Congrats on the sleepthrough. Nice work! And, congrats on making your way into Arbonne. That only took what...4 years of proding from your Momma. Love the pic of them holding hands! And, nicely done on the solo weekend, Andy. You're a Stallion. [Ah]

Christina said...

They are just so precious. It is really amazing how they touch our hearts more and more every day. I am sure you can agree -- I never knew how much I could love a child until I had one and watched them grow and change every day.