Super Bowl XLI Memories

I think Andy picked a great year to join the Colts organization. Mr. Irsay spared no expense in treating the Colts employees to an awesome time in Miami. And we are so grateful! There are a million fun memories to share, but I'll just stick to the highlights and share some of our favorite photos.

Here is Andy at the NFL Experience at Dolphin Stadium. It wasn't as exciting as we'd hoped, but we found this display with Peyton Manning's rookie jersey and thought it was pretty cool.

Here we are outside Dolphin Stadium on game day.

Mimosa wishes and chocolate football dreams. We enjoyed a game day brunch for all staff and players family at the Marriott. We spent a lot of time on the trip with Isaac and Suz (Andy works with Suz). They are a great couple and we had a lot of fun getting to know them.

Outside the Colts hotel. There were security guards everywhere! But, with our creditials, we were pretty much allowed to go anywhere. I know, we're so cool!

This one's for all my homies in KC! These photo op players were outside the stadium. The one for the Colts had a huge line, but KC guy was standing all alone. Weird, huh?

A view from the top! Our seats were in the top section, about 20 rows from the top. We had an incredible view. One of the coolest moments, was when the jets flew over the stadium after the national anthem. Talk about a rush.

Our seats were great for exposing us to the wind and rain, also. I had to include the picture of Andy and I, to show how soaked we got at the game. We were literally soaked to the bone, pruney fingers and all. But, I can't ask for sympathy, we were at the SB!

Andy and his good buddy, Jeff Saturday. At the after party, most of the players and their families were there. Andy decided to go shake Mr. Saturday's hand and he even let us take this picture. Such a great guy!

This one is a little hard to see, so let me explain. At the after party, everyone was passing around the trophy and getting their picture taken with it. We were standing next to Coach Dungy's table and someone brought the trophy to him. Immediately, people began to surround the table and take pictures... so this is the best one I got. Look closely, you'll see the Coach standing with the trophy in the air!

The fun continued after we got home. All Colts employees and their families were invited to sit on the floor during the welcome home rally at the RCA Dome. We got some incredible pictures. There were more than 35,000 fans in attendance and it was so cool to be in the middle, amidst all the cheering and excitement.


Haffner Home said...

So, we're pretty sure you might have had a better Superbowl XLI experience than us. Maybe. -- Looks like an absolutely fantastic time! Andy, you should have started working for the Colts years ago. If we only knew it took hiring a brushy haired Internet dude to take it all the way, we would have pulled some strings long ago.

emily said...

Wow! What a good story to tell your girls about the first time you left them. It was just to go to the Superbowl and see the COLTS WIN!!!!

mr. bland said...

ghetto, will you go work for the Broncos next year? They could use some help.
I'd even take the tickets off your hands.