Fourth Up North

Andy, Jillian, Lauren and I, along with Andy's parents, Mike (brother), Jason (bro-in-law), Shannon (sister) and Sophie (niece), spent the July 4 holiday in New England, North Dakota, where Andy's dad grew up on the farm. We had a great time visiting with all of Andy's family. His cousin, Melissa, got married (Jun 30) and then we spent the week enjoying the peaceful lifestyle of our North Dakotan family.

There are so many great things about a North Dakota vacation. Mosty that you feel like you're away. My cell phone didn't have service, and we couldn't get online. We just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and made cherished memories with family that we seldom see.

Andy and I stayed with Terry (Andy's cousin) and Lawana Wilhelm and their kids (Cory and Shelby). We had a great time getting to know their family better and sharing our girls with them. They were such great hosts and are truly incredible people.

On our trip, we went to the "Keller" butte (land owned by the Keller family, which Andy and I learned was the second highest point in North Dakota) and had a picnic and then climbed to the top afterwards (I was sore for days after that). We spent a day in Medora, ND and visited a wildlife park and saw a buffalo and some prairie dogs. That evening we went to a really fun musical at an outdoor amphitheatre. We went to "Burgers in the Park" in New England and then enjoyed some delicious ice cream from the creamery afterwards. On the fourth, we watched fireworks in Dickenson from a friends house across from Dickinson State University.

The week went by way too fast. In fact, I could have stayed at least another week. If you're reading this, ND fam, we love and miss you and can't wait to see you again!

Don't feed the buffalo!

Family pic in Medora

Ice cream break in Medora

Lawana and I showing the girls Lawana's horses.

Jillian with Lawana and Cory

The boys throwing rocks off the butte.

See the tractor to the middle-right? That's Doug bailing hay!

Carma's (cousin) son, Isaac, with Shelby, cousin Courtney and Lauren

A beautiful flower on the butte.

Uncle Andy getting Sophie - so sweet!


The Jason Pongratz Family said...

Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!! Great commentary, great pictures and great memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!! Shan

Mackey Family said...

We miss you guys. LaWanna was just here and told me how much they enjoyed you guys staying at their house.They love your girls! SO DO I. I wish we didn't live so far away. I would babysit anytime.
I have some pictures posted on my blog of the week. It is Mackey Family. Hope you can find it. Love Tammy

kim said...

How fun! Hey, can you email me? I'd like to see if we can still connect in August (which is actually only a few weeks away!) How far are you from downtown Indy?

Anonymous said...

hey its cory representing the wilhelms.left a comment at the super bowl ring go look at it.it was fun hanging out with you guys and expecially all the time me and andy had time to bond like the whole "prairie dog hunt" i learned alot about you kellers that week.didnt know you guys were so outdoorsy like andy can actually handle a gun and jen can climb a buette and not complain once.had fun showing you guys around ND a little bit hope you come back soon. i know il see mike and the rest of the hunting crew during pheasant season.we just got back from camping it was great like always.thats where i am going to college and going to live is in somewhere in montana so i can be close to the mountains.we all loved hanging out with u and the girls ur welcome back at our house any time ur in ND.our email is wilhelm@ctctel.com if u wana send something tell everybody hi and we love them God bless.