Happy Travels

We're home now. At least for a couple weeks. But, we've had a great month and have seen and experienced lots of exciting adventures.


The weekend after we returned from North Dakota, I traveled with my mom to Oklahoma City for an Arbonne conference. In addition to the conference, we had a great time staying with my Aunt Connie and Uncle Bill. I was also able to visit with my soon-to-be, cousin-in-law, Crystal and her fiance (my cousin), Kyle. It was a great visit and I was excited to get all the details on Crystal and Kyle's upcoming wedding.

Back at home, Andy was on daddy duty and did a great job with the girls all weekend. I had to laugh at the fact that Lauren napped in the swing at Duane and Debbie's. I guess that's what happens when mommy leaves town. I'm sure she had a great nap, though. Andy is so awesome with the girls and it's great to know I can leave town and these girls never miss a beat.


The girls and I spent this past weekend in my homeland and helped surprise my Grandpa Sonny for his 75th birthday. We were so excited to be a part of celebrating with him. He had no idea that we were coming and it was so much fun to get out of the car on Thursday morning and see the look on his face.

While in KC, we took the girls to my favorite mall (Oak Park Mall) where they rode the carousel for the first time. They were so cute.

Before we traveled home, I drove up to St. Joe to spend a bit of time with my best bud, Cassie and her girls. Lauren traveled home on the plane with my mom, so it was just me and Jillian.

I think she enjoyed getting exclusive attention from Cassie's girls and from mommy. In fact, since I only had one baby with me, Jillian got to ride in the cart at Target for the first time in her life. I think she thought that was pretty cool.


While we were in Kansas City, Andy headed even further west to Colorado for a camping trip with his college buddies. He had a great time, but we were all happy to be back together under one roof again last night.


Courtney A. Mackey said...

hey guys
i just miss those 2 cute bundle of joys. my family went camping with the wilhelms this past week july 14-22 and they all said that the house was too quiet and that they missed you guys. i miss you guys and i wish we could of spent a little more time together. love you guys and miss you
Love Courtney(cousin from nd)

Ingraldi Family said...

Your grandparents look the same as they did 15 years ago. Glad you had a great time on your trip.

ellinghouse said...

busy, busy, busy....looks like you had a great time traveling. I take it the girls travel well!

Anonymous said...

Look at those cute naked babies :) Ashlyn and Arin were playing "Lauren and Jillian" yesterday. Ashlyn decided she was going to be Jilli and Arin was going to be Lauren. They crawled around and put toys in their mouths and asked for bottles... I have some crazy kids.
Miss you already, Cass

Haffner Home said...

that bathtime pic is so cute