Newest family photo

Meet the Kellers. We saw a commercial this weekend promoting the new Simpsons movie with a website where you could "Simpsonize" yourself. I did the work of entering our pictures and customizing our features and Andy worked his magic to make this cool family photo.

I think Andy and Lauren are the most accurate. It was cute how they took Lauren's picture and came up with this little turned up nose (Lauren is the baby on her tummy).

If you've got some time on your hands, check out this website. It was fun to see what our characters would look like if we made a guest appearance in Springfield.

Simpsonize Me!


ellinghouse said...

that is so funny!!! You know that I'm going to Simpsonize the ellings later today.

The Amsler Family said...

I did that with lexie.. took forever and she looked like an alien! HA. Your picture is much more accurate. Hey I don't have your phone number...but would like to talk, I have some questions..if you ge this and have time..in between all the feedings and poop can you give me a call or email me? 317-284-4086 nicoleamsler@gotown.net. Love the pic! Nicole

Anonymous said...

i cant believe u guys know the simpsons me (cory) and my dad love the simpsons we have seen every one. its our favorite show.ur picture turned out pretty accurate looks great. seya later