New developments

It's been amazing, just in the last week, how much the girls are developing. I remember my favorite stage with my nephew, Jake, was when he was around 18 months and now I remember why. The girls are now starting to say more words and communicate better.

For example, for the first time the other day, Lauren was eating and wanted me. So, rather than simply whining in my direction, she actually said "Momma." Music to my ears!

Jillian has also developed a new interest in her building blocks. I found her a couple days ago playing, and she had stacked blocks together on her own for the first time. I was amazed. And last night, Andy's parents babysat and said she built until all the blocks were used and the structure was as tall as she was.

Lauren loves to play with her baby dolls. She shows such a nurturing spirit. She holds them and gives them kisses. She rubs their heads and gives them bottles. She even puts them night-night and will say "shh" with her finger to her mouth.

They can actually understand when you're being silly with them. Tonight I was playing ball with Lauren and she understood when I was teasing - by not giving her the ball until she gave me a kiss. She thought it was hilarious.

They're singing songs and you can actually make out the song they're singing. They're dancing whenever they hear music. They're "working" puzzles (they can't quite get the pieces in the slots, but they know where the pieces go - so they're matching really well).

I am simply fascinated to watch their little minds at work. What a miracle. They're both so unique and I'm so proud of the little girls they are becoming. And what amazes me most, is that they're mine!


Christina said...

That is such a fun age -- I remember loving 6 months because the kids can sit up -- then 18 months was a huge one because of all the fun new things they learn -- and then 3 has been really fun because they can do so many "big" things and are really developing their interests. I can't wait to see what 4 and 5 bring.

Christina said...

Oh and I would not mind skiping from 2 to 2.5 -- that is a rough stage.