We moved!

We are getting settled in our new house. The move went great! From the closings Friday morning to cleaning up Sunday evening, it couldn't have gone any smoother.

Here are a few pics from the move and the girls of their last days at the old house.

Lauren loves to stand on the couch and fall over onto the pillows.

Lauren loves cereal bars for a snack. If you give her the whole thing, she thinks she has to eat it fast. Here's a picture of her loaded chipmunk cheeks.

Now that we've moved, we have room for all the toys the girls got for Christmas, but had to leave at the grandparents house until we had more room. This is their new wagon, which they LOVE. The like to get in and out and occasionally will attempt to pull each other around.

Here's the new kitchen, before the unpacking began on Saturday morning.

Shannon and Sophie did a great job organizing the pantry.

Reagan and Caleb were our littlest helpers - they belong to Melissa and Tish (my good friends from Life Group). They are too cute!


Shannon Pongratz said...

I too am amazed on how smoothly your sale, buy and move went. It to me shows God's faithfulness to those who too are good stewards. WE look forward to coming over tomorrow night and enjoying your new house with you!!! AND I can't wait to try this recipe below. It looks like it's right up my alley!! Love you guys!! Shan Shan

Christina said...

Your house looks great - I am sure you love the bigger kitchen. I look forward to seeing it when you get all moved in. Let us know if you need anyhelp - not that we can right now with our sickies. But call us in a week for help -- ok?

The Amsler Family said...

jenni..so sorry rick couldn't be there bright and early sat morning..the kids were sick and i had a hair appointment. when the kids are sick we can't pay our family enough to get them over here to babysit. At group we will set up a time to get you the futon! Enjoy your new house

Amber said...

I love the pictures of them both crashed out on the floor pillows!