That's so random!

My totally cool friend at DesignHER Momma tagged me to talk about what's most random in my life. This will take some serious thought, but here it goes...

1) Since we moved in February, we got rid of cable and I've been reading a lot more. I've resolved the last 2 or 3 years to read more and I never knew that my only obstacle was all the hours the television was sucking out of my life. Last week I read an entire 340 page novel (The Kite Runner, BTW - a GREAT book)... Me! A pregnant, twin-caring, part-time working, house-cleaning, play-date participating mommy found enough time each day to read about 50 pages of a novel. I'm going to start working on a list of books I want to read, because now, I find myself very sad when I finish a book and don't have another one lined up and ready to go.

2) My least favorite time of the day is 5p - 6p. This is the hour that goes on for an eternity, because it is the hour before my hubby gets home from work. Every day I rack my brain trying to figure out creative activities to do that will make the time go by... but for some reason, it feels like every day is a struggle. The other day, I was so desperate, I pulled the girls around the neighborhood in their two-seater wagon. I got about a quarter mile from home and started having contractions ... not smart.

3) I have really strange pregnancy cravings. Not food, thankfully. But smells. I LOVE the smell of a garage, a job fresh off the printer (our church worship programs smell awesome!), tires, etc. Seriously, I step into the garage and it's intoxicating to me. And only when I'm pregnant. My other pregnant craving is crunching ice. Andy was crunching his ice the other day and I almost felt like running to the freezer to get some of my own. Weird.

4) I have strange morning and evening grooming routines. The grooming isn't strange, but the fact that I must brush my teeth before my shower might be. I also must have my hair pulled back for bed. I can't go to bed without washing my face (or brushing my teeth). I think I'll stop with that. I'm feeling a little vulnerable.

5) I wish I could sing like Kelly Clarkson.

That's it for me. Now, I must tag a few of you to tell us the random parts of your life:

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designerHER Momma said...

thanks for participating in the list. I love list, I'm a list kinda girl.

Oh, and I haven't had cable in over 4 years and I read almost a book a week.

heather b said...


I know you prob. don't care but there is something very real about cravings for certain smells and in particular, ice. It indicates the presence of low iron in your blood. There is a condition called PICA where people crave wierd stuff like potting soil, cigarette ashes and wierd stuff like that to try to gain essential vitamins and minerals that they are deficient in during pregnancy. I crunched what I figured to be 5# buckets of ice a week (I added all the glasses up for one day and it almost equaled a gallon bucket) with Evalee and when I called the doctor about this he prescribed me extra iron and that was the end of it. Here is a link about it: http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/unusualcravingspica.html Anyway, just a little tidbit your way...information at least I found interesting.... but I am kinda wierd... ;0)


Every part of #4 is true for me as well. Either it's not so odd, or we're both a little off :0)