Family of Five

Well, I hardly would have imagined that I would describe a stay at the hospital as relaxing, but that's honestly what it's been.

We're just finishing day 3 of our stay and will leave to go home tomorrow late morning. We've thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to bond with our new baby girl and I've enjoyed the opportunity to rest and recover from my surgery.

Baby Claira is doing so well. She is still eating well and although she was a bit jaundice, her levels seem to be evening out now. Looks like we'll go home all together tomorrow to begin our new life as a family of five.

The girls (Lauren & Jillian) have been up every day and sometimes a few times each day to visit with mommy, daddy and their new sister. Jillian especially loves the new baby. Lauren, as expected, will need to be given space to warm up to her on her own terms. Which is just Lauren's way and totally fine with us.

Tonight, we got our first family photo and some really sweet pictures of Jillian "holding" her new sister.

It's still a little surreal that all this is happening, but at the same time, so beautiful. You can set up in your mind what this transition will look like, but letting it play out has been surprising in some very pleasant ways.

Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and well-wishes.

We look forward to sharing in our new life with all of you!


Tish said...

You are truly amazing! We are so proud of you Jenni. You're such a pro at this baby thing. (I'm taking notes) Claira is just beautiful. A wonderful mix of the two of you I think. Such an amazing blessing. We can't wait to meet Claira and squeeze her little apple cheeks!

We love you all!
God is good!

Cassie said...

I can't believe her hair- wow!
I am so excited to come and hold baby Claira and be with you. Watch out Mike... I got baby fever just looking at her pictures :)
Love ya,

The Amsler Family said...

She is so adorable and bright eyed...that pic of jilly and her is too cute...we wanted to give you time to relax but will call when you get home. funny how time away from toddlers seems SOOO relaxing!

Love to you

amsler family

Mackey Family said...

Awww CONGRATS to you, Andy and Jenni. She is beautiful! I just want to jump in my van and drive southeast to Indy to meet her and see my other sweet and cute cousins.I truely have tears in my eyes. I am so excited for your family of five.Have fun and remember lots of photos!
Love from North Dakota

Vermilion Family said...

We are so happy and excited for your family. We can't wait to meet Claira. Congratulations!

pwdrd donuts said...

Congrats Jenni and Andy! She is beautiful!!!

Merrie Leigh said...

I am so excited...beyond words! She's so beautiful!
PS- my sister was looking at the pictures of the girls and she said "they really need to keep having babies- they make the most adorable children!" hehe! I agree! God is so good! Thsnks for including me in everything! I love you guys!

Susanne said...

WOW! She is so beautiful.. I am so thankful things are going well for you guys! Horray I cannot wait to get my hands on her. I am happy she is here!

Love from England,

Steve said...

We are so happy for you. What a wonderful family!

Steve, Rachael, Jacob