Impromptu day of fun

Sunday we had a really nice day hanging out with Andy's parent's and brother. It started at the spray park. We went to all the trouble of getting them in their suits, lotioned up and out the door, just in time for the ugly storm clouds to roll in.

But, no worries, the rain was only a sprinkle and it soon passed and we were on to the water.

We called Andy's folks to join us at the park and they ended up hanging with us all afternoon. I love unplanned days like that. The girls get QT with their grandparents and Andy and I get to sit and watch. But, it was just relaxing to come back to the house, grill some burgers, lay around, play a little Scrabble and enjoy the company.

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Mackey Family said...

Looks like a fun day. Gpa and Gma get to spend time doing their favorite thing, spending time with the girls and of course you two (um three). Hope baby 3 comes soon so they can spoil her too.Best wishes from me for the specail day!