Take a guess!

I'm not good at lying. Which is probably a positive quality. So, since we've chosen to conceal the name of our new baby girl until her arrival, I've worried that someone would correctly guess her name and I wouldn't be able to conceal the truth.

There have been many guesses, but no one has come close.

But, since exactly one week from today, we'll be meeting her face-to-face, I thought I'd toss out the opportunity to make some guesses. You can't see my face when I read your comments, so if there's a correct guess, I won't have to "lie" to you or force an unconvincing "poker face."

Let's hear your guesses for...

1) Name: First and middle
2) Height
3) Weight
4) Hair color


Mackey Family said...

I have to try this.Im sure it will be wrong but how fun.
I researched names online. You really have ALOT of names to choose from. WOW GOOD LUCK!
How about Andree Jenna after both your names.I was thinking names that start with X.I couldn't pronounce any of them.
6lb 7oz
dark blond for sure
Gods blessings to you all. Tammy

Nic.Jme.Jac.Izy said...

So these are my guesses...

Sarah Louelle
20 1/4"
8lb 12 oz
Light hair but not much of it

Can't wait to meet her!

Storrs Family said...

I'm in town this week, do you want to get together, or are you too busy getting ready for this new baby...
Danielle Storrs

Merrie Leigh said...

Ulga Bulga

30' 3"

200 lbs. 3 oz.

purple hair

But seriously,
I have no idea what her name will be but I know it will fit her perfectly just like Jilli's and Lauren's! She will be perfect and beautiful because God is good! :) I am taking the day off Thursday! I am so excited to meet her! And hopefully some day soon she can call me Aunt Leigh Leigh! ;) I love you all!

Connie Wiley said...

Madison Arielle
7.3 lbs.

Anonymous said...

Shelley Ann
19 inches
7lbs. 2 0z
(looks like her Aunt Shelley)
an Aunt can dream!!!!!

Amber said...

Tomorrow's the day, right?

Good luck and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Debbie Sandy Keller?
Harriet Agnes Keller?
Helen Keller?

Am I close? I'll know for sure in less than 12 hours! Woo Hoo! Can't wait to meet her and love on her.
She'll be 22 inches
8 lb 14 oz.
blonde hair

Sweeter than sugar! Gam