Here and there and everywhere

Since recovering from the sickies, the girls have learned some amazing new tricks. I know they change daily, but for two weeks they weren't themselves and so now, all of the sudden, they're happy babies again with lots of new tricks up their sleeves.

First of all, Lauren rolled over (from her tummy to her back). And Andy actually got a picture of her in the act. These are pictures of her in process and then after. She was pretty proud of herself.

Jillian is still discovering her voice. If you thought she screamed a lot before, you should hear her now. I think she's got the range of Mariah Carey. It's really something (that's the best word I can think of for it). Sometimes it's super cute and sometimes it just hurts your ears.

Both of the girls have successfully taken cereal. We tried the rice cereal and neither of them really liked it. So my friend, Cassie, suggested oatmeal. I'm sure it was a combo of being more ready for it (we took a 2 week break) and prefering the taste of the oatmeal. They both really like it. So the adventures of solids are well on their way.

This pictures is actually of Lauren trying a little sweet potato, made by mommy. We just microwaved the potato and I mashed it up with some formula. Wa-la! Gourmet sweet potato for my sweet potato.

The girls have also grown like crazy. Lauren lost a little weight when she was sick. But Jillian is still growing and gaining weight like crazy. You know the rule, keep your baby in their baby seat until their one or 20lbs? Like the two should happen around the same time? Well, at 6 months, Jillian is nearly 20lbs. I take them to the doctor next week and I'm anxious to see the official weigh in.

I had my mom take this picture of me with the girls, because they've about outgrown their "Mommy loves me" and "Daddy loves me" shirts (which are among my favorite in their 3-6 month clothes), and I needed to make sure and get a picture of them wearing them. Plus, I hardly EVER get my picture taken with them. Funny how that works.

The last picture is of our poor puppy, Josie. She's such a good girl. We get annoyed at the constant clip-clopping of her nails on the wood floors, so the other night we actually tried putting socks on her. I know, we're horrible.


The Liller Family said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow? They're both so adorable I don't know how you stand it ;o) And my kids never liked the rice cereal either - it was oatmeal all the way! Keep those pics coming, we love seeing them grow!!!

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

I can't wait to squeeze you girls soon!! You need some Aunt Shan Shan lovin' I know! Jillian's sucking her lip picture reminded me of Sophie so much. She would do that all the time when she was teething. I am looking forward to watching them play again soon! You look beautiful in the pictures too Jen!! See ya Wed!! Shan

Christina said...

The girls look great. I am so glad they are better now. With Spring hopefully all our babies will be healthy. Way to grow and way to roll. Your a great mommy Jenni. I love the picture of the three of you.