We're 6 months old!

On Monday, the girls turned six months old. Can you believe it? They get cuter and cuter every day. Jillian is cutting her first tooth. She's been a trooper. I keep telling her that someday she'll be able to eat Qdoba with those toothers and it will be all worth it! :)

Jillian has also had her hair in a ponytail for the first time. It is so adorable. Her hair on top is about 4 inches long already.

Both the girls have enjoyed their newest toys - the exersaucer. We've borrowed two, so they can both play at the same time. They'll play, then one will take a break and watch her sister play. It's so fun.

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Ellings said...

They are getting so big!! But it looks like you guys are having so much fun. Next thing you know they will be crawling around...