Play dates!

We had some special visitors this week. On Wednesday, Landon Haffner and his mommy, Crystal, stopped by. Landon was born mid-August, just over a month before the girls.

When Lauren woke up from her nap, she was immediately making eyes at Landon. How could you not with a smile like that?! He is so cute!

On Thursday, my new friend, Sarah and her TWIN girls, came over for the afternoon. They are just over 2 months older than my girls.

It's amazing to think Lauren and Jillian will be sitting up and scooting around like Hannah and Lucy in just a few short months. I kicked myself after she left, because I forgot to grab my camera and get a few shots of them in action. But, I'm sure that was the first of many play dates with the Hittle girls.

Enjoy these pics of Landon, Lauren and Jillian!


Haffner Home said...

Landon had such a fun time with his super cute girl friends!! We will have to do it again soon!!

Christina said...

It is so much fun haveing friends over. Gald you had a good time. I can't believe how big all three of them are getting.