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Most of you who frequently check the Keller Family Four blog, know that my Aunt Jean (my mom's sister), recently underwent surgery to remove a large tumor on her brain. Her surgery was successful, in that they removed most of the tumor and there was no damage to the brain in the process. My mom sent out this message yesterday as an update...

Jeanine is doing exceptionally well since her surgery. She has a scar the shape of a horseshoe on the left side of her head and it was double sutured due to swelling. The tumor was 4 ½" by 3" and had been there a long time. We had prepared ourselves for someone who might have come out of surgery not knowing us and not having some of her basic capabilities, but she is awake, alert, eating, talking, knows everyone, walking….all the things we were afraid she would have to have therapy for after her surgery. Her doctor is very pleased and so is her family. If all goes well she will get to go home tomorrow. We are still waiting for the pathology report and the final prognosis as they weren’t able to remove the entire tumor. There were parts of it that reached too far down into her brain for them to safely remove. She is a Miracle, however she still needs prayer for it not to be malignant.

So, please continue to pray for my aunt. She is an awesome woman and we love her dearly.

If you'd like to track her progress, my cousin Kara is keeping an updated blog on all things Jeanine Nichols.

In other news, Ryan and Shannon (my bro and sis-in-law) just found out that the will have a baby girl! Emily Grace Poe is due at the end of September, just about the same time my girls will celebrate their first birthday. I can't wait for another niece to love on! And we'll have two of every outfit she could ever need to pass down for life :)

And for no other reason than I'm a proud mommy, here are some cute pictures of the girls.

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Ingraldi Family said...

We will be praying for your aunt and your family during this time.

Congrats to Ryan and Shannon! I am excited for them. As you and I know, little girls are very special.

Leigh Ann