We love to swing!

Yesterday, I took the girls to the park for the first time with our friend (and cousin-in-law, not sure what her official title would be), Jaime, her precious baby Jacklynn and another infant she watches (4 babies + 2 mommies + park = awards for bravery). Actually, it was a lot of fun and all the girls did great.

Lauren and Jillian loved the swings. It was fun to see how they each responded. Lauren just took it all in, never making any gestures of excitement or glee. She was just relaxing. Jillian was more curious and would give a few smiles and wanted to look all around.

After the swings, we took them for a walk around the park and then came home and crashed for an afternoon nap.

Thanks for inviting us, Jaime! Let's make this a regular date!

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