New meaning to Mother's Day

I remember feeling it when I first became a mom. It's as if I was a new member of a club that has been going on from the beginning of time. Mom's have a bond and an understanding of each other that I don't think you can have, until you have a child (or children, for those of us who like to have them in litters).

All of the sudden, you understand what Mom's have been doing for centuries: sacrificing everything to give the best to their kids. You hear about it and you witness others do it, but it doesn't impact you like it does until you are the one sacrificing everything for your kids.

It's hard work. It's great work. But, it's hard work. Did I mention it's hard work?

So, this Mother's Day had new meaning to me. All day long, I watched my girls in the dresses I bought them before they were even born (when I only dreamt of them... all night long... without interruption). It didn't matter that Lauren had woken too early and cried for WAY too long, before falling asleep again or that I had spent the three hours I had to myself the day before to clean my house, only to turn it upside down again preparing to be gone the entire day for Mother's Day events.

All that mattered was that I was a mom. Lauren and Jillian's mom. And I've dreamed of owning that title my whole life. And the difference between the dream and reality is for me what makes Mother's Day more than I ever knew it was.

So, to all the mom's out there that are in my life by relation or just through friendship - I love and deeply respect each one of you. What you do for your kids day in and day out is incredible. This job isn't for the faint of heart, but it's the best job in the world. I'm proud to share this adventure with you!

After we took this picture, I realized that Lauren had a poopy diaper and it was all over my white shirt!

These are all four of the great-grandkids in the Fertig family - Sophia, Jillian, Jacklynn and Lauren. Four beautiful girls!


Ellings said...

that's a great post Jenni...so much truth. Glad you enjoyed your day!

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

You are GOOD Jenni!! You got great pictures of all the girls and got them up the day after Mother's Day. I am so impressed and I am with ya on your reflection. Good stuff!!! Love you! You're a great Mommy!!

The Liller Family said...

What an awesome mommy tribute! It's nice to read that - to forget all the hardships motherhood brings - if only for a moment! You're a wonderful mom Jenni, and those girls are so lucky to have you as theirs!!!

Christina said...

Jenni - you are a great mom -- what a wonderful post. I love the picture of you and the girls -- sorry about your poopy shirt. But I guess that is one of the great tings about being a mom also -- you love your babies so much it does not matter that they just pooped on you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni, Andy and my precious baby girls!
Thanks for the blog section about me and for your many prayers and so much love. I know that I am going to be great and that God is going to heal me. I will be perfect and I want to be the walking miracle that he wants me to be. As for being a "mommy", I am so very proud of you. And just think of it kiddo, we had no idea that you would be such a great mommy! We do so enjoy your blog page, so we ask that you keep it filled with photos and lots of great news. I love you my children. Thank you for your prayers and for our little blessings disguised as twins. Aunt Jean

Tish said...

Mental note to self: In addition to packing a change of clothes for Caleb, pack an extra shirt for mommy!

Thanks for the tip!