Sitting pretties

My girls are now BOTH sitting up. Lauren has now reached sitting up status with her sister. Up to this point, Lauren has enjoyed being on her tummy and rolling all around. She is so wirey and flexible. In fact, rather than falling on her back or to the side, she literally folds in half when she loses her balance.

The girls are both doing well. Last week was awful, we all three came down with strep (Andy was miraculously spared). This week is better, but Jilli still isn't 100%. We're all taking an antibiotic - I take a pill and the girls get that yummy pink medicine I loved as a kid! Can you believe it's the same yummy bubblegum flavor? I'm so jealous.


bland said...

The girls are looking great. Congrats on surviving a rough week. That's impressive Ghetto didn't get sick.

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

Strep!!! Oh my goodness!! No wander they felt so bad. They look so much older sitting up all pretty. They look more a like too! Glad to hear they are feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are darling. Jillian is such a picture perfect gerber baby. she packs some cheeks. Is her hair brunette? or a touch or auburn? They look darling in Easter clothes. Hey, you look good too. I like your hair.
Your R350 is gorgeous. I believe in you. Go to the top!!
So, sad news today. Shack, my dog got hit by a car when we were playing in our front today!!! The idiot did not stop. Shack had picked up a squirrel and was tugging me for it. Unfortunately we have played that game before. He wins, I win. He got away from me and darted (unknowingly) into the street. SO sad!!!
Otherwise, life is o.k. here.
Tori was a harem girl in Aladin. She had great stage presence and actually looked gorgeous all dolled up. Celeste had 2 good races this week. She gets better each time. She's scruffy when racing, but she cleans up gorgeous. Trent is finishing his first year at KU. Boy has he learned a lot this first year. Mostly life stuff. He has enjoyed his independence. He is planning to work this summer, perhaps in CA.
My real estate is going well. Brett is getting his brokers license this week.
Your mom said she told you about Chan. We need to hear from God. Mostly, I am just being quiet and waiting for him to lead me in the right direction.
Big hugs to you guys,
Enjoy these days, they are precious.

Ellings said...

glad your all feeling better over there!