Moving... FAST!

Now that the girls are both crawling, I anticipate I'm burning about 500 extra calories a day. They are moving all over the house. Their favorite new places are the kitchen and the entryway.

The nice thing about our house is if I shut all the doors, they can pretty much crawl anywhere and be where I can watch them.

This weekend's project? Babyproofing!


The Jason Pongratz Family said...

They are SO CUTE and pulling up on everything! I can't believe it. At this rate, they'll be walking before their first B-day. They look like they are having fun. Sophie misses them and talks about them. She was remembering Uncle Andy tonight and wanted to see a picture of him. When I showed him a picture of you two, she said, Anny and Ninni!! She loved sitting with you guy at church. Let's see you this week some time!! Love you, Shan

ellinghouse said...

welcome to the world of baby mobility...it really just makes the parent even more immobile...so fun!

Ingraldi Family said...

Let the real fun begin! I can't believe how big they are getting. So adorable. I love the face Lauren is making. Reminds me of Kati when she was a baby scrunching up her nose. Enjoy your girls and your workout!