Happy Birthday Lauren & Jillian

Today was the day! Lauren and Jillian are now officially one year old. There were times this year I thought we'd never make it to this day, but we did.

We had their birthday party on Sunday and it was a lot of fun. The girls ate their cake like champs and enjoyed getting so many new toys and books, I'm not sure we'll ever run out of entertainment.

To all of my friends and family that were there to celebrate, just wanted you to know how much it meant to Andy and I that you came. Your love and support this year has been invaluable.

Getting ready to dive in!

Jillian looks like she was born for this!

Lauren was much more "neat" about the whole thing, but enjoyed her cake all the same.

These were their small butterfly cakes I made for them.

This was the birthday cake. A three tier labor of love!

Here's a shot of the grub. I was proud of how it all turned out!

Lauren and Grandpa playing with her new musical giraffe toy.

Lauren with Papaw and Jillian with my Grandpa Jack - who came all the way from Dallas to celebrate with us!

Here's a shot of Landon (son of our good friends, Amos and Crystal) - I think the girls may fight over this guy some day!

Here are some of the girls great grandparents - Earl and Connie Fertig (left) are Andy's mom's parents, and Jack and Delores Ezzell (right) are my mom's parents, who came for the party all the way from Texas.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Lauren and Jillian! We know you won't remember a thing, but you will see how important you were to all of this family. Jenni, you and Andy are great parents. Keep those beautiful updates coming. It sure helps us to watch your families grow up. Love, Aunt Jean & Uncle Bill

Todd, Anitra, Mason, Sam and Ethan said...

Happy Birthday Keller girls! Wow, they are just adorable! I cannot wait for the our boys' 1st birthday. It just seems to fly by so fast! We can't wait to hang out with you guys again!

Anitra (Sam and Ethan too!)

ellinghouse said...

we had a wonderful time at the party!

And yes, if we get board here at Ellinghouse, we know where to go to play....the girls cleaned out the toy department!

Haffner Home said...

Thanks for throwing such a great party!! you did such an awesome job with everything!! ....I loved the cake!!!

Ingraldi Family said...

Those cakes are amazing! Very impressive. You definitely know how to throw a party. I am glad the girls had a great first birthdays. This year will be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

The girls are adorable, hard to believe they are a year old.
You did a great job on their cakes, looks like their party was a huge success.

The Liller Family said...

I can't believe they're ONE already!!! They are so lucky to have you guys as parents! And once again Jenni - the cakes were AWESOME! You really should think about starting a business in cake making/decorating - my birthday is coming up... hehehe!

Martha Stewart said...

Watch your back missy. I am the domestic godess!

Cassie said...

Wow- Martha is a little hostile! Wish we could have been there. Give the girls some lovin' for me. I LOVE your hair cut by the way :) Let's talk soon.

Melissa said...

Those cakes rocked! Wow you really are talented so when are you opening up a cooking business my little chef/baker amiga? By the way you are making Nadia's cake her 1st birthday is December 7! I am really sad I missed their big day...:(It looked great though.