Sick day

So, today was supposed to be the girls first day of "school" (Mother's Morning Out program at Northview), but they both have caught a cold and we decided to keep our germs to ourselves and stay at home. I took these pictures this morning - hope you don't have a weak stomach, since these pictures capture their drooliness and booger-noses up close!

Unfortunately, this morning was also supposed to be my first day back at Northview as Director of Communications - very part-time, of course. But, I'm very excited to be back in the saddle. I'm working a few hours in the office and the rest of the time will be from home.

It's a blessing to be doing something I enjoy, but have the flexibility to still be with my girls most of the time. My only set office hours will be the same hours the girls are in their class on Wednesday mornings.


The Liller Family said...

We always used to joke with our friends that the toy industry spends billions of dollars on new things to occupy the minds of little ones - yet they're perfectly fascinated by things like remotes, empty paper towel tubes and napkin rings!!! I love the pic and their cute determination!!!

ellinghouse said...

jenni -
I didn't know that you were going to be going back to work! As a work-from-home mom myself, I can tell you that it's the biggest blessing ever! To be able to be at home during the day, and keep current in your field, which you love is amazing! I know it's been really good for our family.

The Liller Family said...

okay, so I'm an idiot and posted the same thing twice! I'm blaming it on the cold medicine and I'm sticking to that excuse!!! ;o)
oh yeah, and congrats on going back to work - that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

They're sweet and I love 'em - boogers and all! Gam

Be Inspired Always said...

Very cute pictures.