It's good to be bonafide

Last week, Andy and I went to the season opener for the Colts and enjoyed all the pregame festivities, hosted by the NFL. When we arrived with our friends Dan and Sarah, the crowd for the concert on the circle was nuts, so we decided to go get some dinner.

After dinner, I wanted to see Kelly Clarkson, so we headed back to the circle. Dan and Andy had their Colts employee creditials on them and decided to see if we could use them to get a closer look. Security OK'd us to enter the VIP area and we got a great view of the concert and didn't have to stand shoulder to shoulder with all the other screaming fans. We felt pretty special.

In the stadium, fans were going crazy. It was so loud, especially at the opener, where John Mellencamp performed and Mr. Irsay debuted the Colts World Champions banner. It was a great game. We smashed the Saints, 41 - 10.

Let me tell ya, working for the Colts is a pretty sweet deal.

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ellinghouse said...

once again, yes Andy, your job is sweet.