Carmel HS Homecoming 07

Last Friday, we went to Carmel High School's homecoming game with the family and hung out in the alumni tent. Andy's mom graduated Class of 71, Shannon was Class of 92, Andy was Class of 97 and Mike was Class of 01.

It was a lot of fun to hang out the Keller Family. As my girls get bigger, they are finally able to interact with Sophie and it makes me so excited to watch them be friends for life!

A rare Keller family photo!

These girls were so cute in their matching vests.

It's so cute to see the girls start to interact with Sophie. Jillian and Sophie were clapping and giggling together.

Lauren loves to sit "perched" on Grandpa's tummy.


Kisses from Aunt Shan-Shan!


The Jason Pongratz Family said...

I would have to agree!! Those girls really got into each other at the game!!! It is going to be a fun year for us!!! I just LOVED the picture of the girls sitting on the blanket. I laughed out loud because they were all doing something...busy...none of them were just sitting there posing!! HA!! I loved it!! We had so much fun with you guys and loved sharing in that special memory with you!! Love you, Shan Shan

Mackey Family said...

Jenni, You look so skinny in your picture!
Your girls look cute in their vests. Wish I could spend time with them again.Miss yah

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

I'll be in the nusery 4:30 service baby girls...so you come see your Aunt Shan Shan this weekend to play ;)!! Love you, Aunt Shan Shan

Melissa said...

Those outfits are too cute! I have to get Nadia a vest too!

Cass said...

Ash and Arin have the vests too! Does that surprise you? Ash is pink and Arin is white... all the stylin' babes are wearing the Old Navy vest!