Pickin out pumpkins

Family shot (notice Lauren studying the hay) (by the way, I colored by hair)
Jillian on the hayride!
Lauren in her own world on the hayride

Jillian says "This is the one!"
Lauren says, "Daddy, it's too heavy!"

Last Sunday, we took the girls to the pumpkin patch, to experience their first hayride and pumpkin picking.

They were cute on the hayride, because Jillian (my wild/fearless child) wanted to stand the whole time and Lauren (my introspective one) was in her own world studying the hay we were sitting in.

It was a good time with my mom, dad and Jake. The weather was perfect, warm, but still fall-ish.


The Jason Pongratz Family said...

Love it Love it Love it!! And love my Ju Ju just for who she is and my Lo Lo just for who she is!! They are my doll babies!! Great Pictures of them!! Can't wait to see all these girls together on Friday!! Fun Fun!! Love you!!! Aunt Shan Shan

The Liller Family said...

Don't you love these little adventures? And Jenni, LOVE the haircolor on you!!!

Kara said...

I love your hair!! The girls are so stinkin' cute. Can't wait to see you in about 5 weeks for Thanksgiving!