Pointing and other tricks

Lately, the girls both like to point at things they want. Lauren loves to point at the family pictures on the fireplace mantle. Several times a day, I'll pick her up and I'll tell her who's in each picture and she'll just point and smile. It's very sweet.

Jillian likes to point to objects she wants - paci, sippy cup, food. She has become quite the little begger. The other night, we had our Life Group over for dinner and my friend, Tish, was sitting on the floor, eating her cupcake for dessert and Jillian crawled right into her lap, trying to steal a bite. She has also become so outgoing. She smiles and laughs at anyone and everyone, especially when we're out in public. She loves an audience when she's being silly. And thinks everything is a game.

Now that they're facing forward in their car seats, I get such a kick out of turning around and making silly faces at them or looking at them in the rearview mirror. I can tell they really like the seeing outside as we drive. A lot of times, they'll just sing and babble - it's how I know when they're super relaxed.

The girls other new trick is talking on the phone. They have about five toy phones and they know to put them to their ear and talk. Lauren is especially funny, because she'll say "hello" and will just start babbling. Yesterday, I asked her who she was talking to and said "Are you talking to Sophie?" and she looked up at Sophie's picture on the mantle. She's brilliant. Lauren also has been saying a few other words - Momma, bye-bye, hello, uh-oh and wow.

And, for our final trick - Jillian is now a walker! She walks way more than she crawls. It's like one day, she decided she was done with the floor and just walked across the room.

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