Our new friends, Ethan and Sam

Oh my goodness... Lauren and Jillian have the cutest new friends - fellow twins, Ethan (on the right) and Sam (on the left). I met their mom, Anitra, at Northview and we instantly bonded over our journeys through infertility and our adventures as moms of multiples.

We've gotten together a couple times so far, and it's been so fun. The boys are both adorable, but I told Anitra, I have a little crush on Sam. He has the cutest dimples and a smile that just melts your heart.

Thanks for having us over, Anitra! We hope to do it again real soon!

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Christina said...

How fun for you all. How old are the boys? They look like they are all pretty close in age. I also love the haircut pictures. You did a great job.