Delicious and nutritious

I just have to share this new product I tried recently. I'm a fan of couscous and often make it as a side with dinner, but I found this Parmesan flavored brand from Hodgson Mill (at Target) and was anxious to give it a whirl.

It's mighty tasty and the best part is it's whole wheat, has milled flax seed and soy protein. In fact, one serving has 10g of protein!

I was hoping my girls would like it and they LOVED it. In fact, Jillian was crying when I didn't have any more bites to give her.

It's an on-going struggle to find healthy, nutritious food to feed our kids, so I thought I'd pass on this great new discovery to all my family and friends.

I'd love to know what creative, nutritious stuff you've found for your kids!


Christina said...

I think I will be headed to Target tomorrow. I puree a lot of things and mix them in our foods. The kids actually like their spag. better with carrots and sweetpotatos but they don't know that is why.

ellinghouse said...

wow, I'll have to try this. I have some baking secrets of my own I should post...although if I post them my husband and child might not think their brownies are that good anymore...

Cass said...

You are so crazy! That is why I love my Jenni :)