Thanksgiving in Texas

We spent a whirlwind weekend in Texas for Thanksgiving and had a great time visiting with my mom's side of the family. In fact, it was so crazy, I never even got my camera out to take pictures. Fortunately my Aunt Jean sent us some, so I'll share them with you.

It was stressful getting there and home with the girls, but we're so glad we made the investment and were there for the holiday.

We stayed with my cousin, Erin, and her husband, Doug. It was really fun to get to know them as a couple and share the girls with them.

Since the girls are the only "babies" that were there, they got a ton of attention. All of my aunts and uncles were there and most of the cousins. It's fun to catch up with everyone. Two of my cousins are now engaged, so the family continues to expand. My Aunt Jean is in remission from her cancer and is looking great (go Aunt Jean!!).

What a blessing to have such an amazing family! We love you, Texas family! We enjoyed our time with you!
My cousin, Kara, had a fun time with the girls. Lauren especially liked her.

The original twins! My mom's identical twin sisters, Jan (left) and Jean!

Cousins Kara and Kyle and future cousin-in-law, Crystal (she's the one in the middle) (She and Kyle are getting married in San Diego in April 08)

Uncle Don (mom's brother) and Aunt Shelly

Uncle Bill (my mom's brother) and Doug.


Christina said...

I just love those pretty girls of yours. I am glad you had such a good time and saw so much of your family.

ellinghouse said...

wow, looks like you had an action packed vacation. family is great....