Sickies, go away!

This picture was taken last night, after a really hard day with the babies. They don't look so bad, but I think I wear the markings of a week with sick kids.

We're going on two weeks, plus, of sickness in our house. It started with colds, so bad that the girls had a hard time breathing at night. We recovered from that and Jillian got really bad diarrhea and, of course, shared that with Lauren, too. Not to mention that Lauren has had sensitivity to food and for the past three weeks was having tummy troubles, before getting the big D.

Having twins with diarrhea has left me up to my ears in poo-poo and two-plus weeks of sickness has nearly sent me over the edge.

I'm so thankful that my mom lives in town and came to my rescue today, giving me five whole hours to myself!


Todd, Anitra, Mason, Sam and Ethan said...

Hi Keller girls! You should've come to hang out with the Utzig boys! We've been sick too for about 2 weeks. At least it would have given the mommies a break! Hope all is well Jenni!

The Liller Family said...

That's terrible Jenni - I had no idea! I'm glad they're feeling better though, they looked great this morning!

Doll House said...

No Fun!! Glad to hear everyone is starting to feel better!

ellinghouse said...

I'm right there with ya! Going crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jenni,

So sorry to hear about the twins being sick. You really do look tired in the photos. But, you really are a great Mom too!
We're anxious to see all of you on Thanksgiving Day! I think we're going to have 32 people here for dinner.
Have a safe trip and can't wait to love on your babies!
Great Aunt Jean