Fall birthday celebration

Last Friday, we got together to celebrate the fall birthdays in the Fertig family up at the McCord's barn - Steve and Connie Quinn, Cecil and Becky McCord and my mom (not a Fertig, but still celebrated).

We had a fun time. The girls had fun playing with cousins Sophie, Jake and Emily. It was so cute when after Chicken Little was over, the credit music was playing and my mom and Jake started dancing, then Sophie and my girls all joined it. It was very entertaining to see them all shaking their booties - even my mom.

Also, sorry for the blog silence. The girls continued to be sick after my last post and then today, I'm not feeling so hot. Will it ever end?

The girls had a lot of fun playing with the trash cans. They'd push them around the floor and beat on them.

My dad and Emily (Ryan and Shannon's new baby girl). She looks exactly like Jake did when he was a baby. It's crazy.

All the kids "got down" with my mom. So cute!

This dress was the dress that Shannon wore in Becky and Cecil's wedding when she was Sophie's age. It was so sweet to see Sophie in it... she looked just like Shannon must have as a little flower girl.


The Liller Family said...

Hey, I'm a Nov. birthday too - why wasn't I invited??? haha! Looks like you all had a fantastic time. I love the dancing pics - just too incredibly cute! Hope you're feeling better too!!!

The Jason Pongratz Family said...

Precious Memories and sweet sweet pictures. I hope you feel better before you guys take off. Have a wonderful time and can't wait to get all the girls together again when you get back!! Love you!! Shan Shan

Mackey Family said...

I remember pictures of Shannon in that dress. They both are pretty little princess. So cute!
Hope you had a great holiday with your family. I am sure the girls loved the plane ride. They have been on more planes than I have. It is so much easier on all of you.
The girls are getting cutier everytime you put new pictures of them up here! I love seeing them growing into sweet toddlers.
luv yah all, Tammy